Construction Company Slink in Holland

You're about to start your own building project, an exciting time where right choices and good planning are essential; finding a reliable partner for your building plans has begun. We would to introduce ourselves to see if we can help you with your project.

Construction company Slink has been active as a contractor for various projects for over 35 years in Holland. Our professional approach to construction assigments and drawings, our efficient way of working and our fulfillment of clear agreements with customers have been attracking contractors, project developers and the private individuals.

We would like to introduce you a couple of our services.

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Core Housing

You are planning to build a core house and keep the completion and finishing to yourself. A detailed plan and a precise execution are essential basics to make sure that it will fit your bathroom, kitchen and appliances. With a broad experience in building farmhouses, canal houses, mansions and cottages your plans will be realized to perfection. Do you need more information about your specific needs? Please contact us here.

Home enlargement

You would like to live bigger, but moving is not an option right now? Home enlargement might be a possible solution. At relatively low cost and in a short period of time, several square meters of living space can be added to your home. Our prefabricated home enlargement systems can be completed within one week. Visit the list of our home construction prices with a wide variety of different types, sizes and fitting options.


Rebuilding is especially preparing. A couple of things that are useful when building a new residential division, bathrooms, window frames and floor heating is taking the proper precautions, planning the various activities and considerating issues such as energy saving solutions. Reconstruction should not become a project that will never be completed, so we will be happy to assist you with your plans in design and construction work.


Roof constructions

Another option for more space in your home is building an extra floor. As an approved construction company, we offer experienced workers in the area of roof structures. This is important, because such a construction isn't without risk and therefore only in good hands with a specialist. To give you an idea, we have filmed one of our roof construction projects. Also getting permits is a well known process to us, we will be pleased to offer our help.


The renovation of buildings and constructions is a precize job. Old walls, decorative ornaments and the present condition of the building frames are reasons to approach such a job with care. Also to meet today's safety standards. It's important to bring back them back to their former glory. As specialists in renovation and restoration of old masonry, we kindly offer you our services on the renovation of your project.

Decorative masonry

These days new houses are rarely decorated with ornamental brickwork. There are few contractors who actually have experience with decorative masonry. With experience from many different projects in the old areas of cities like Amsterdam and Hoorn, construction company Slink can realise impressive embellishments of the masonry of your projects. Learn more about what we have to offer on decorative brickwork? Contact us.

Your building plans are in safe hands with us. If you want information about what we can offer you, please contact us. Together we can discuss your plans, investigate your options, calculate the costs and create a planning.

Home Enlargement

For some time we have been specializing in the manufacture of prefabricated home enlargement construction systems. Quality comes first and so are making clear agreements, like a strict planning of placement. We keep the entire construction process to our own, so you will be dealing with 1 company only who's accountable for your questions.